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Life throws a lot at you.

Young man asking about health insurance.

I’ve always had health insurance through my parents. But now that I have a job, should I get my own?

Young woman asking about employer-sponsored retirement plans.

I’ve been putting money into a company-run retirement savings plan. But if I leave my job, do they keep that money?

Young man asking about switching jobs or careers.

I feel like I’m being underpaid at work. How do I ask for a higher salary without making my boss angry?

Young woman asking about how to find an apartment and cheap furniture because she's moving to a new city.

I’m moving to a new city. How can I find an apartment and where can I buy cheap furniture?

Young international college student asking about how he can get a work visa after graduation.

I’m not American but I’m studying at a US college. How can I stay after graduation and work here?

Young woman who is struggling with mental health and inquiring about a therapist.

I’m struggling with my mental health. How do I know if I need a therapist?

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We wish it had existed.

Not so long ago, our founders were young people trying to figure things out after they moved to San Francisco. For a while, it felt like they had almost two jobs: their actual job and then all the life admin work. Looking back they realized that if they had learned the right things sooner, they could have saved themselves a lot of time, stress, and money. Domando is the platform they wish they had. 

Our mission is to help young adults spend less time managing life and more time enjoying it.